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About the Academy


Eurasian Academy is a non-governmental organization for distinguished scholars, artists, specialists and intellectuals. Eurasian Academy is a union of academic scholars and creative professionals; it is a non-political and non-profit society.

The vision of Eurasian Academy is to provide assistance for research and creative works in academic and artistic fields as well as those serving human development; to analyze the current situation in these fields; and to present reports and evaluations to the public. Eurasian Academy comprises fields such as science and technology; humanities and social sciences; literature, fine arts and music.

One of the main spheres of Eurasian Academy’s activity is to evaluate and esteem high achievements independently and in accordance with objective reality.

Eurasian Academy facilitates discussions about global achievements and gives impetus to the creation and dissemination of new ideas by means of prestigious publications as well as by holding conferences, symposiums, seminars and various gatherings.


It is a great honor for a scholar or artist to earn membership by election into Eurasian Academy.  Those who have made significant scientific discoveries, created momentous works of art, or accomplished noteworthy successes as specialists in their fields may be elected to membership in Eurasian Academy. The number of living members is limited to 30. Eurasian Academy establishes its own special awards and medals and bestows them upon the individuals and organizations it deems worthy of such honors.

Eurasian Academy is managed by a board consisting of a determined number of members. The decisions of the board are implemented by the President and Vice Presidents, who are elected according to Academy bylaws, by means of special committees. The Academy bylaws are prepared and ratified by the Founding Members.

The founding members of Eurasian Academy include Halil İnalcıkLotfi A. ZadehMahmut Gazi YaşargilArif Melikov, and Hamlet İsaxanlı.