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Arif Melikov


Arif Jahangir oghlu Malikov was born on September 13, 1933 in Baku. He entered the Azerbaijan State Conservatory and graduated with a concentration in Gara Garayev’s school of musical composition in 1958. He began to teach courses there in the same year, and he currently works there as a professor and as the Chair of the Department of Musical Composition. In 1957, he composed the symphonic poem “Naghil.” After graduating from the conservatory, he composed his second symphonic poem, “Fuzuli.” At age 26, Arif Malikov won the Republic’s National Award. In the spring of 1961, a ballet was staged in the Leningrad State Opera and Ballet Theater based on his “Mahabbat efsanesi,” based on a play by great Turkish poet and dramatist Nazim Hikmet. In addition to the ballet, Arif Malilov also wrote a series of 12 lyric songs based on Hikmet’s poetry. In 1986, Arif Malikov won the State Award for his second series of songs. The composer’s ballet “Ikilikde” (Bu torpaqda ikilikde) was staged in the Leningrad State Opera and Ballet Theater in 1969.

Shortly thereafter, he completed his “Iki urek” ballet. Arif Malikov also composed the “Torpagin sesi” cantata, “Dalgalar” operetta, a concertina for flute and orchestra, several works for chamber ensembles, soundtracks to films such as “Sehrli khalat,” “26 Baku Comissars,” “Akhririnci ashirim” and others, as well as music for plays in the drama theater including “Torpaga sanjilan gilinj,” “Atabeyler,” “Natavan” and others. The composer has selflessly served not only Azerbaijan but also humanity with his valuable musical compositions; he has authored nearly 50 songs. People’s Artists Rashid Behbudov, Shovket Alakbarova, Zeyneb Khanlarova and others made his songs famous.


  • Azerbaijan Republic Meritorious Servant of the Arts (1965).
  • «Medal of Honor» (1971).
  • Azerbaijan Republic People’s Artist (1978).
  • Azerbaijan Republic State Award Winner (1986).
  • USSR People’s Artist (1986).
  • “İstiqlal” award (1998).
  • Correspondent Member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2001).
  • Honorary Doctor of Khazar University (2012).
  • “Heydar Aliyev” award (2013).

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