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Hamlet Isaxanli

homepage1Hamlet Isakhanli/ Isayev was born on March 1, 1948, in the village of Kosali, Republic of Georgia (He also goes by G.A. Isaev or H.Isayev in math, H. Isaxanli or H. Isakhanli in humanities and social sciences due to different transliterations). In 1970, he graduated with honors from Azerbaijan State University’s School of Mechanics and Mathematics.  He completed his PhD (Kandidat nauk) dissertation at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1973. In 1983, he earned a Doctor of Science degree at the V.I. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

He established a career in mathematics research and worked as a professor at various Azerbaijani universities. Due to a strong personal interest in educational reform, in 1991 he officially founded Khazar University. The university was the first private (not for profit) university established in Azerbaijan and one of the first ones officially established in the present-day post-Soviet area. He served as the President of the university while remaining active in scholarly research. In 1998, he also established a trilingual private Dünya School (including preschool, primary and secondary schools, and an IBO program). He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of Khazar University.

He has written hundreds of articles, monographs, and textbooks in mathematics and its applications; philosophy of history; history of science, education and culture; education policy; theory and history of translation; language and literature as well as several poetry books, which have been translated and published in many countries. He has founded several academic journals and is editor of three of them, as well as the Science and Art Assembly lecture series. He serves as a member of many national and international boards. He has received many awards for his writing, scholarly contributions, educational reforms and social works. He is a noted public figure (including many appearances on TV and Media, Government and non-governmental meetings). He hosts his own lecture-based “Triangle of Science” TV broadcast.



1994 – London Debret Encyclopedia “Who is Who in the Former Soviet Union?”

1994 – Y. Mamedaliyev Award, in recognition of contributions to science and education, Baku, Azerbaijan

2004 – “Golden Pen” Award, In recognition of contribution to Poetry and Creative Writing, Baku, Azerbaijan

2005 – “Samad Vurghun” Award, in recognition of contributions to Education, Science, Azerbaijani Culture and Literature, Baku, Azerbaijan

2005 – Member, Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, Russia, Moscow

2010 – “Jafar Jabbarly” (Cəfər Cabbarlı) Award, in recognition of contribution to publicity of classic and modern Azerbaijani Poetry, to compile a multi voluminous “The Azerbaijani Love Poetry”

2010 – National “Khazar” Award, in recognition of contribution to development of Azerbaijani Education and to founding of the University which meets international standards

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