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Events and Announcements

Events and Announcements


Sketches and a model have been drawn up for the Eurasia Academy Trophy, which is currently in the process of preparation for production by a selected institution.

The trophy was designed according to the requirements and recommendations of Eurasia Academy (member of Eurasia Academy Hamlet Isaxanli) that it contain national and modern attributes representing knowledge, culture, science, and wisdom.

As you can see from the pictures below, the trophy is made up of two parts: a clear crystal decorative vase and a gold-colored metal topper reflecting numerous symbols.

It is shaped symmetrically with a height of 30 cm, a diameter of 2.5 cm at the center, and a diameter of 8 cm across each of the bases. The topper is shaped like an artist’s palette, on top of which semi-precious stones of different colors have been affixed in order to represent squeezed-out oil paints.

On top, it includes symbols of science and education such as an opened, winged book and a musical instrument. Each element is made of stylized national symbols.

The inside of the vase is a functional hourglass. There are “buta” (teardrop/paisley) figures on the upper and lower parts of the crystal vase to represent literature.